1. Purpose This document outlines the project from briefing through the production and delivery of a project. It is intended to clarify the requirements and responsibilities for the work that will take place to guide the development and production process.
2. Project Overview
2.1 Refer to Mood Board and Specification Documents
3. Roles and Responsibilities
3.1 Client Responsibilities The core client project team should be kept small in order to ensure that the decision-making process is fast and unambiguous. There should be a nominated person for project lead to deal with the Marloe Marloe studio lead, should the client lead change at any stage throughout the project it is the client's responsibility to communicate all relevant information to the new project lead. The following expectations are placed upon the Client in their relationship with Marloe Marloe. Deviation from these will have an effect on the budget and timelines for this project:
• Supply a clear brief following the provided template. Must include reference imagery and measurement specifications.
• Sign off this Full Scope of Work under the pre-agreed timing plan. The R&D phase cannot commence without a signed Full Scope of Work and written estimate approval.
• To provide timely feedback, and to ensure approvals are within the specified time as outlined in the project plan. All feedback must be consolidated and communicated in written format.
• To be accessible for briefings, reviews, approvals, and issue-resolution sessions. • To make timely and definitive decisions and approvals will be final.
3.2 Marloe Marloe Studio Team The studio team is responsible for the day-to-day running of the project, and ultimately its development.
4. Basic Project Procedures
4.1 Change Request Process If at any time during the R&D, Sampling or Production phase, the Client requests additional functionality or changes that are not in the pre-agreed scope of work Marloe Marloe will estimate what additional budget is required to complete required changes. The Client must issue all change requests in writing. The Change Request Process allows for such changes in a controlled manner that ensures all parties are aware of the impact of the changes financially and from a timings perspective.
4.2 Approval Process The Client will be involved during the development of creative concepts and shall continue to be involved at various review and approval stages throughout the production process.
- CREATIVE PROPOSAL PHASE will commence once a TECHNICAL ASSESSMENT of the Clients brief has concluded and the required deposit received.
- R&D PHASE will commence on Client approval of mood board and design specification sheets. The Client will be allowed two iterations of changes per design within scope and agreed costs during this phase of development. Additional rounds of changes will follow the Change Request Process and the estimate will be affected. Please refer to the below breakdown additional fees.
- SAMPLING PHASE will commence Client approval of the scope of work proposed. The Client will be allowed one change per design within scope and agreed costs during the sampling phase but only if the samples provided do not align with client specifications as per the creative proposal. Additional rounds of changes to the physical design will follow the Change Request Process and the estimate will be affected.
- PRODUCTION PHASE will commence once the Client has signed off on the samples and Invoice remittance received. Unless a production fault has occurred, no iterations or changes are within scope at this point. Any change will require settlement of fee and re-briefing.
- DELIVERY PHASE will commence once production has finished and a thorough QA (Quality Assurance) by the Marloe Marloe studio team. If at any stage, you’re not happy with the direction the work is taking, you’ll pay in full for works produced until that point plus a 25% kill fee and we can cancel this agreement, or we can start again using a different approach.
4.3 Marloe Marloe Chargeables
  • DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT $120 per hr
  • MASTER MOULD REPRODUCTION $60 per design  
  • GLAZE DEVELOPMENT $85 per hr
  • MOULD REPRODUCTION $80 per design
  • PRIVATE BRANDING $200 per logo size
4.3 Status Reporting Marloe Marloe studio lead will report on project status as required basis via phone/ in person with the Client. This would normally be via email on a Friday when required.
5. Delivery Approach For all projects, Marloe Marloe will follow a waterfall delivery approach outlined in the diagram to the right.
5.1 Timing Assumptions The project plan provided must be read in conjunction with the following notes:
  • This plan is based upon the scope of work outlined in this document. Any changes to the content of this document may affect the plan – no additional time is built in for change requests that may be made during the course of the project.
  • This plan assumes that the Client will return consolidated feedback and approval all deliverables within the specified period.
  • Work cannot progress to the next stage without formal client approval wherever required.
  • Any delay in providing approvals may delay the delivery of the project.
  • Should a project stretch beyond a 10 week period by no fault of Marloe Marloe charges will be applied to the final invoice. This Scope of Work gives complete specifications for the production and management of this project.
Terms & Conditions 
Marloe Marloe produces handcrafted ceramics for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. As our pieces are boutique batch produced variations in glaze, colour and size sometimes occur. We try our very best to source the same materials to avoid such changes, at times this is unavoidable.
Custom Orders & Production
We do not require a minimum order qty for new projects, however, design & development fees are associated with new and changing orders.
Custom Development projects must be completed within 20 weeks of project commencement from the date of deposit remittance received. Our quotations do not allow for pauses or holds at any stage of the design or production process. Should a project stretch beyond the 20 week period by no fault of Marloe Marloe charges will be applied to the final invoice.
All designs developed in-house remain the intellectual property of Marloe Marloe, should you wish to buy out any design a fee can be negotiated. Goods produced by Marloe Marloe are made to spec and we do not take responsibility for functions or pairing with other designs that may be required post-sale. Our clay shrinks between 13-15% and therefore we advise a 5 mm variance from piece to piece. New projects and reorders will be re-quoted at the time of order placement.
Quotations are valid for 30 days only and are not a confirmation of exact production costs as materials are subject to fluctuation.
Private Labeling or Branding is an option for all clients, fees associated with both branding and development are charged in addition to the per piece price of goods.
Packing, Shipping & Insurance
All orders are packed into standard recycled cardboard boxes. Each piece is individually wrapped in bubble wrap or the like before being packed into boxes and extra padding is inserted for stability. Upon order completion, you will be notified via email along with your final invoice. Goods will not be shipped until remittance is received.
Marloe Marloe ships all orders with either TNT or Australia Post. Should you wish to use your own courier that is welcomed, this will be at your own risk. Marloe Marloe takes no responsibility for orders that are booked and shipped by a third party. Please be sure to opt for insurance. Shipping quotations are not confirmed and are subject to change without notice. All Marloe Marloe orders are insured unless otherwise informed. All requests must be in writing if you wish not to ensure your shipment.
Payment Terms
Projects will only commence once remittance of payment has been received via email. Returns & Breakage Should your order arrive damaged photo evidence must be provided via email within 24 hours of receiving your order. Marloe Marloe does not take responsibility thereafter. Returns are handled on a case by case basis. If no insurance policy was taken out for the delivery we do not take any responsibility and you must take the issue up with the courier company.
Cancellation of Orders
All R&D projects are non-refundable, should you wish to cancel at any stage throughout the project all funds provided for development will be forfeited. If at any stage, you’re not happy with the direction the work is taking, you’ll pay in full for works produced until that point plus a 25% kill fee and we can cancel this agreement.