Five Minutes with Gab Waller

Always admiring the powerhouse business woman, Gab Waller, from afar (cue following along on Instagram) ~ we were so thrilled to catch Gab for a quick chat on all things business, her day & how she's styling her MARLOE MARLOE in her new home. 

We’re really excited to learn more about you Gab! Where are you right now & what are you most looking forward to at the moment?

Although right now I am currently living in Sydney, I have just recently announced that I will be heading to LA in October! I am counting down the days and cannot contain my excitement.

What does a normal day look like for you?

Each day is very different! My team are mostly based overseas which can be a little tricky when communicating and balancing out the timezones, however it is really important to me to have a productive and fulfilling work day. I am still very involved with all aspects of the business, especially regarding communicating with my lovely clients! A big part of my everyday routine is speaking to all of our clients on Instagram.

Tell us about your personal shopping business and how it came to life?

I launched the business in 2019 with a small handful of clients and the business has been growing ever since! I realised there was an untapped market here in Australia and knew there was a lot of potential, and here we are today.

The biggest challenge you’ve faced in business?

My biggest challenge was definitely learning to let go in some areas, however now I feel so fortunate and lucky to have built an incredible and unstoppable team!

And your biggest ‘pinch me’ moment?

Undoubtably the press that I received following locating the coat for Rosie. I never would have imagined I would ever be featured in publications such as Vogue America and WWD.

What are your key principles to balancing business, relationships and your own rituals?

Time management is a top priority for me. I would say time in general means everything to me; I prioritise my day accordingly so I can try to juggle it all.

You’ve just purchased your first home (congratulations!). Tell us about your home, your styling inspiration and what makes it such a special space?

Thank you! I absolutely love mid century modern design and have always felt inspired when looking at this style of interior. I love neutrals and beige is my number one favourite colour for the space; I’ve loved mixing both beautiful ivory and whites with warmer timber tones.

Where can we find your MARLOE MARLOE pieces in your home?

Currently they are placed on a beautiful wooden mid century drinks trolley that I managed to hunt down. The trolley sits next to my favourite arm chair which is where I sit every morning to have a moment of relaxation prior to a big day.

And finally, being such an incredible personal shopper we’re interested in knowing your take on what the key trends are that you’re seeing across fashion & home for the remainder of 2021?

I think colour is making a huge comeback (which is big for me to say considering how much I love to wear black and neutrals!). Specifically bright footwear such as deep emerald green and bright pinks are definitely a huge trend at the moment.

Gab Styled our STEVIE & VANITY TRAY from the CORE Collection. 

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