Inspired by the intricacies and inconsistencies of nature, Marloe Marloe is a luxury ceramic and design studio creating timeless works that transcend trends and journey with their owners throughout a lifetime. Marloe Marloe seeks to connect people and space through objects with intention. 

Marloe Marloe was founded in 2014 by ceramist Marloe Morgan and in late 2018 Marloe’s husband, James joined the business. The pair now work closely with their makers in Indonesia and seek to create elevated and artisanal works for the home, contemporary restaurateurs and hoteliers.

“Knowing we have made better choices today than we did yesterday is a huge driver for our business. It’s important we leave our environment better than how we found it, whether that is the physical or social landscape.” Marloe and James


Our Brand Pillars 


Our Intention

At Marloe Marloe, our desire is to support a deep connection of people to their environment through objects and rituals rooted in intention and resolve.  Inspired by the intricacies and inconsistencies of nature our luxury ceramic and design studio creates timeless works that transcend trend and journey with their owners throughout a lifetime. 

As a business we promise to maintain transparency in our journey, highlighting our progress and continuing to improve each and every season. Our ongoing intention will drive our commitment to a better world.


As our works are fragile and do require carefully considered packaging.  Our inhouse team created custom double wall cardboard boxes to individually house our each Marloe Marloe form.  These custom boxes and our complete suite of packaging materials have been designed with environmental impact at the forefront of the design process.  We have carefully selected only biodegradable packing to support our form while being shipped.  These materials include paper honeycomb wrap instead of plastic bubble wrap, biodegradable void-fill produced from rice starch instead of styrofoam stuffing, biodegradable cardboard boxes and paper fragile tape.  We do currently use plastic tape to secure the boxes and we are working to remove this pollutant from our package in the coming months.  

Community and our Production House

Materials and Design

With sustainability at the core of our manufacturing process we are committed to slow batch production practices and have done so from the beginning of our journey into ceramics.  We choose to adhere to a made to order business model that ensures we account for each and every form that Marloe Marloe produces and we do not take this responsibility lightly.

Our approach to making is carefully considered and reevaluated consistently to ensure all phases of our process from design through to production are low impact and environmentally viable. Our team pride themselves on considered collections sizes, the use of biodegradable packing and minimising our carbon footprint throughout our supply chain while capturing the essence and beauty of slow manufacturing. 


All Marloe Marloe works are made by skilled artisans on the island of Bali, Indonesia using a Stoneware Clay Body that is formulated from the raw materials of Silica, Ball Clay, Kaolin, Feldspar or Nepheline Syenite. 

Our shapes are formed either on the pottery wheel by master craftsmen or slip-cast using plaster moulds that allow for the replication of the same shape over time. The works are trimmed and refined by hand before being bisque fired. Our work is then glazed by hand and fired to vitrification at 1280°C in either gas or electric kilns depending on the production house.  

The use of water is kept to a minimum within the making process of our MARLOE MARLOE ceramics. Our wastewater is appropriately managed and treated onsite by our Production House/s who do not dispose of the water into oceans, rivers or streams. Waste water is separated between clay waste and glaze waste and managed appropriately. As a business we review this with our Production House on a regular basis.


Here at Marloe Marloe we are so proud of the long-standing partnerships with our makers and production houses,  we consider these relationships the heart and soul of our business. These relationships have been carefully fostered for more than 8 years and we are fiercely committed to the communities we support .  As a family, we are passionate about the growth and development of these partnerships and we are excited by the future challenges and opportunities to make environmental change.

We have recently made a move to share and discuss more about our production practised by way of our Meet Our Makers series.  This series will continue to deepen in conversations in the coming months and into the future.  How we make our products and whom we make them with has a beautiful story and it's important to share that story with our customers.  We are more than a business selling ceramic products. “ Marloe Morgan, Founder

Ongoing Intention

We are also invested in the continual improvement of the livelihoods of the communities we serve.  We are working on supporting and helping to address the plastics issue in Indonesia as this is where the majority of our work is crafted.  

And finally, another of our overarching focuses is the continued attention toward sustainable practices on a whole within the Marloe Marloe business. The homewares industry is not yet regulated in the same way that the fashion industry is. So the changes we are making are not yet accredited but our hope over the next 3-5 years to see our industry adopt some of the same accreditations and industry standards as the clothing industry.  We hope to be at the forefront of this adoption.