BOBBY- Charcoal
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BOBBY- Charcoal

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BOBBY - Lava & Matte Black
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STEVIE - Charcoal
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Marloe Marloe is an Australian based Design & Ceramic Studio creating elegant artisanal creations for the home, contemporary restaurateurs & international hoteliers.


 “As a maker, I am truly captivated by clay and the process of creating, firing and glazing. I am still so challenged and excited by the chemistry and variables, it is always changing and growing organically.”

A consummate foodie, Marloe naturally gravitated toward creating functional, unique tableware and soon began producing bespoke ceramics for restaurants along the East Coast of Australia. Marloe Marloe is perfectly positioned to create custom pieces and collections for chefs who seek ceramics to elevate their menus.

Current clients include the award-winning hatted restaurant Paper Daisy at Halcyon House, Hellenika and Hellenika at The Calile.


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