A moment for our Marloe Marloe Mums

 In celebration of Mothers Day, we asked our Marloe Marloe Mums to share their thoughts on business, motherhood and how motherhood has shaped their interiors today.

Marloe Morgan - Founder & Creative Director of Marloe Marloe 

Favourite Thing About Being A Mum / Greatest Reward from Motherhood:
The love that Valla showers me with is the most rewarding experiences we share together. I can not get enough of the special moments when Valla will lean over to me and "say I love you too much mummy". He absolutely melts my heart.

Biggest business learning while navigating Motherhood:
The year Valla was born was the most challenging time for me as a mother and business owner. I was still finding my feet as a new mum and our business was experiencing a lot of growth alongside. The support of my husband James and family was really special and allowed me to feel held through that learning phase.

How has Motherhood changed your interior style?My interior style has become more refined and pared-back over the last few years mostly due to the fact that Valla insists on getting into lots of mischief. I on longer have a coffee table with coveted pieces and most of my vases and books are now positioned high and out of reach. Our home has been taken over by toys and play areas but we love it.

Favourite Marloe Marloe piece and where in your home we would find it:
The Vanity Box is my favourite piece at the moment and I have so many of them in different rooms of the house. I have 2 on my vanity to hold my skincare essentials, I have another on my desk and one by the entry for keys and bits and pieces. The shape is so versatile and I believe is one of our most under-utilised pieces.

Katie Boyd - Marloe Marloe 
Accounts Officer 

Favourite Thing About Being A Mum / Greatest Reward from Motherhood: 
Getting to do life with my little bestie. Laughing together, the endless affection and the playfulness that keeps my heart young and life full.

Biggest business learning while navigating Motherhood: 
Learning very quickly that your child is your utmost priority and that everything else is secondary. And always streamlining processes to be as efficient as possible, as time is of the essence more than ever now and running a household and a business requires constant planning and forward thinking.

How has Motherhood changed your interior style? I think I'm far more accepting of things not being exactly as I would like them to be, haha! Children's toys take up a lot of our space and there's no point hiding them away as they are constantly used in rotation. 

Favourite Marloe Marloe piece and where in your home we would find it: 
Obsessed with the Stevie Vase in Messina. I'm very attracted to its modernist aesthetic. The shape reminds me of a spaceship and I love the turquoise main with rouche red colour dipped base - It's very chic! You'll find it in our home on our dark wood dining table or on our mid century coffee table. 

Jenna Hackett - Founder of Studio Disenos & Marloe Marloe Graphic Designer  

Favourite Thing About Being A Mum / Greatest Reward from Motherhood:

There are so many rewarding elements of motherhood, and some of these would have seemed so insignificant prior to being a parent but Dash has taught me that everything we will ever need to be happy is right here, chasing "more" won't necessarily bring happiness and the small moments together as a family are what really makes life rich. 

Biggest business learning while navigating Motherhood:
Apart from the obvious balance of work and family which I don't think anybody will ever perfect, I’ve actually found a new appreciation and love for my business since becoming a mother.

I'm so passionate about my work and the ability to be creative so I feel extremely privileged that I haven't had to give this up and I’ve had the ability to work on my own terms.

Being present in times he needs feels so important. I'm grateful I have the opportunity to offer this when he needs and fulfil my love for design in between.

How has Motherhood changed your interior style?:
I wouldn't say that it has, yet...
Everybody used to enjoy telling me I wouldn't be able to maintain a very white/neutral home but so far we have and I haven't really committed to changing anything (I may laugh at myself reading this back in the future).

I spend a lot of time in this space while working from home so I rely on it feeling inspiring, decluttered, light and bright so I think I’ve just accepted I will tackle the stains instead. 

Favourite Marloe Marloe piece and where in your home we would find it:
Hard to pick a favourite child… but Twiggie in Umber takes my heart for the moment. I have her on display in the kitchen paired with Lucie - my second fave child. I feel the two together are a statement in itself without needing florals which I love.

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