Behind Ritual Of Scent With Marloe Morgan

Our Ritual Of Scent category started from a simple love of fragrance and has grown into a cross form capsule that both celebrates and deepens connection. We sat down with our Founder and Creative Director, Marloe Morgan, to experience the inspiration behind Ritual Of Scent through her eyes.
Our Ritual of Scent category is derived from the innate feeling of connection. These past few years have been turbulent, to say the least, and I believe it is through scent that we find our center. Our two bespoke candle fragrances have been formulated to create a feeling of grounding abundance in your space, your day and any moment. This collection honours these moments through elevation and beauty.
The forms within this collection are designed with a considered balance between function and form. I took cues from my own ritual; what inspires me, what I’m drawn to and what I value most in moments of stillness. I looked to create pieces that play to the simple sensory elements of smell and touch, with sustainability tailored in every decision.
I have always desired to create handcrafted pieces that are highly functional and steeped in intentional consideration. Our best selling TUMBLER CANDLES are a representation of this. The ability to repurpose this form after burning allows your pieces to journey through each moment. We create objects that merge versatility and aesthetics; tactility and beauty, pieces that are made for life, to be felt, to be shared. From the sustainable use of clay in our studios, to ethics for our teams, we want to embody sustainable practices in every sense.