Conversations on Travel with Tarra Orssich

Having personally followed Tarra on Instagram for a few years and admiring her travels from afar, we wanted to chat and discover where her love for travel stemmed from, what you'll find in her suitcase each time she steps onto that plane & how she brings the essence of travel into her home. Given that right now international travel seems like a distant memory, join us in conversation with Tarra & be transported to those places that currently only exist in our minds. 

Tell us, where are you from & where are you right now?

I grew up in a small coastal town north of Sydney, Australia and currently reside on the shores of Bondi, Sydney, Australia.

We love following you on Instagram, what was the catalyst for your love of travel? 

Thank you! I have been lucky enough to grow up travelling from a young age so it’s been ingrained in me to constantly crave new cultures to experience, learn about and explore. 

I moved to London when I was 24 and met my English husband so we have also combined our love of travel, partnering friendship groups that are all over the world which results in many destination weddings, holidays and experiences. 

My world is incredibly big, I have made so many friends and family all over that it is also the people close to me that keep me moving from destinations - including my brother who lives in NYC. 

2020 and beyond has been an interesting transition for the world, what has the COVID Pandemic made you really appreciate about travel? 

Travel feels like much more of a luxury now and one that I perhaps took a little for granted  prior to the pandemic (and one I will never undervalue again.)

What I appreciate more than anything is my friends and family and the distance and time that I have been apart from the ones I love in other countries has been the hardest part. 

Favourite place you’ve travelled & why? 

Such a tough question as I truly love everywhere I have been (even in the challenging places) but more so viewing it from an angle of what I learnt and how I grew from that place).

From an overall, ‘I cannot wait to get back there’ perspective, my favourites are:

  • Puglia, Italy: My special place as my husband and I got married in Puglia
  • Ibiza, Spain: It has such a spiritual side to it and one that I truly feel grounded and my most at ease in
  • Mykonos, Greece: The food, the crystal blue water, the energy and vibe and the fact that everywhere you go is like you’re on the set of the Flintstones taking a step back in the prehistoric ages

And your dream destination? 

My dream right now is to be back with my brother who I have not seen for over two years so right now, it would have to be NYC.

5 things that are always in your suitcase? 

As a producer I am always ‘the mum’ packer for every trip whether it’s personal or for work. I literally have everything but the kitchen sink in my carryon. 

My top 5 however would be:

  • Phone and laptop chargers + adaptors
  • Skincare regime (including a good hydrating face mask)
  • Spare change of clothes in my carryon - just in case something happened to my main luggage. This includes any of my valuable jewellery.
  • Deep sleep pillow spray from ‘This Works’ at Mecca. It is my must travel with to help me sleep wherever and whenever needed on my travels
  • Airpods (for hands free roaming on my travels) + B&O headphones (for total noise cancelling on the plane)

How do you bring the essence of travel into your home? 

Through the pieces I collect along my travels:

  • LRNCE from Marrakech, Morocco is a brand I have loved and admired from afar but being able to physically go into the studio when I was in Morocco was a true treat. I have this placed throughout my home and it reminds me of my travels every time I look at it.
  • For the arrival of my baby in November, my husband and I wanted to bring in an element of our second home, London,  England, so I have placed an artwork of the London skyline my brother gave to me many years ago in the nursery.

Tarra styles our STEVIE in LAVA & BONE at home.