Holiday Florals with BRAER

We've been following the work of BRAER for quite some time, coveting their sculptural and wild arrangements from afar. Florals immediately lift any space, particularly during the holiday season ~ adding interest, colour & scent. We collaborated with the lovely duo behind BRAER, Azzmin & Georgia, to pull together a series of inspiring holiday florals using MARLOE MARLOE forms as their base ~  for your home or your next dinner party. Explore the practice of florals, with these three tips courtesy of BRAER...

In all cultures around, we use flowers to express our emotions and mark occasions. They are symbols that something ‘special’ is about to happen and become imbued with these precious memories over time. They lift our spirits and our sense of wonderment about the world with their beauty and fragrance. We encourage you to play with flowers and foliage this holiday season.  

1. In the spirit of things - the holidays are about togetherness and connection, which are humble motivations. Don’t worry if your florals aren’t grand or expensive, they can be twigs and fallen leaves from the garden, a simple herb on a folded napkin, a single stem in a vase, cheap daisies from the green grocer. It is about marking this special time together with decoration & nature, not an aesthetic. 

2. Simple is best - keep to just a few varieties. By keeping the ‘palette’ minimal, we allow the individual beauty of those varieties to speak more boldly. Grouping varieties together creates rhythm and texture. Especially on a busy Christmas Day with lots of other jobs to do, this simple approach will make it easier for the overall look to be harmonious. 

3. Fresh and refresh - In our part of the world it is HOT for Christmas. Keep florals fresher by removing any leaves under the waterline, recut stems and refresh water every few days. After 5-7 days, cut the stem length in half to get a big rush of hydration up to the flower head & keep your flowers around longer. 

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