In Conversation with MEL COLMAN

We are honoured to bring you our next In Conversation piece with the ever-inspiring Mel Colman. A mother, partner, sister and driven modern woman, Mel shares a few moments with me as we discuss interiors, creative passions and the next chapter that awaits


Thank you for taking the time to share a little of your life and journey with us.  We would love to learn more about who you are and what makes up your world today.

In essence, I’m a modern woman navigating motherhood while nurturing my ambitions and passions as General Manager of Zulu & Zephyr.   

Where will we find you today?

I live in the beautiful pocket of Rainbow Bay located on the southern end of the Gold Coast. I migrated up here from Melbourne over a decade ago and haven’t looked back.

You have recently purchased your first home, can you share a little about your interior style and influences?

I’m inspired by modern architecture, Japanese style and wabi-sabi philosophy.
We live in a small open-plan apartment, so I approach our home with intention while curating elements of comfort and practicality.

What are your key principles for balancing your creativity, motherhood, work and your own rituals?

I am yet to master the art of balance – if there is such a thing.
For now, I’m immersed in the chaos of life. Some days my kids need me most and other days I have deadlines at work. Yet, I’m embracing this fluidity and recognising that each season holds its unique demands – surrendering to this rhythm has been challenging but has also given me so much opportunity for growth.

What does a normal day look like for you?

We’re early risers but this goes without saying with two young kids in tow. My partner is usually first up and will bring my morning coffee – he’s good, I know. It’s then a wild morning rush – no matter how early we rise, we’re rarely out the door on time.

I do kindy drop-off on my way into the office. I head down to ZZ HQ a few days per week and work a couple of days from home, so my days in the office are generally packed with back-to-back meetings, departmental briefings, and strategic discussions. My days from home allow me to dive into deep-focused tasks and overarching projects, focusing on the bigger-picture goals.

My partner and I make a really good team, so he’ll do kindy pick-up and once I get home from work it’s all hands on deck as we survive the madness of the dinner, bath and bedtime routine. 

I feel fortunate to have a hands-on partner, and lots of help from grandparents, who help me feel supported and not feel mum-guilt. It’s important to me that our kids get to build these connections and have a community outside of just mum and dad.


Where can we find your MARLOE MARLOE pieces in your home?

I feel lucky to have watched the beautiful journey of Marloe Marloe over the years and my connection to the brand is tangible through a collection of pieces spanning its inception to its current evolution. We have pieces curated throughout our home, each object a testament to the artistry of the brand and my own personal obsession.

What is creativity consuming you at the moment and what is next for you?

I feel incredibly inspired as I continue my journey with ZZ, which remains as fulfilling as ever, especially after celebrating my 8 year tenure with the brand recently.