Behind the Design - AMAL drop 2

Amal is the most recent collection release for Marloe Marloe, can you share the inspiration for this collection?

The Amal collection was heavily inspired by the lifestyle and culture of Indonesia. We have been so lucky to both produce and spend a lot of time on the islands of Indonesia and this body of work has manifested as my gratitude for our experience has been realised. 

The rustic coastlines and salt-spray-covered days we spend as a family in the warm tropical sun are held so close. The tropical winds blowing on sunkissed skin, linen-covered tables stretched on sandy beaches and the echo of familiar laughter are all elements I have hoped to catch within the forms and the choice of claybodies.  


Can you speak to the creative process behind the Amal Drop 2 and how this body of work came to be?

Our Drop 2 offering was created in collaboration with Gaya Ceramics in Ubud, Bali. They are an incredible team of artisans with such an extensive breadth of knowledge and skill that is ever present in the Amal works. 

From the development of the creative ideas, we sat down with the team to discuss shape, texture and glaze applications for the collection. The process is very organic and the time is spent referencing the theme and emulating that through test tiles of varying clay samples, surface markings concepts and shape options that best capture the vision and inspiration. 

The result is a capsule collection of cross-category of vessels that are both decorative and functional. Designed for daily use with the intention to enhance your love of the home and the rituals that make up our daily lives. I hope that this collection will encourage a slower pace of living so that the user can truly appreciate the small moments in our lives that are so fleeting yet so sacred. 



What are your go to forms from this body of work and how will you incorporate them into your space?  

I am in love with so many pieces within this collection. As always I am always drawn to vases for their versatility as they can be styled as both objects and functionally with greenery or flowers. The Noah is definitely my vase of choice for this body of work.  I have also loved using the Ry jug during meals or when we have visitors over to the villa. The stature of this form is just beautiful and has been a real favourite with our retail partners also. 


Finally, where can this body of work be purchased? 

The Amal Drop 2 capsule collection is now available online and through a selection of global retailers.