MARLOE MARLOE takes our responsibilities to the environment and human safety with highest consideration and which to drive positive change in the environmental landscape of our industry, alongside our growing business. We actively work with our production houses to further develop new practises to achieve better sustainability and transparency in our supply chain.

Key Environmental Initiatives;

  • WATER - Water usage is kept to a minimum within the hand making process of our MARLOE MARLOE ceramics. Any wastewater is to be appropriately managed (or treated onsite, where possible) by our Production House/s who do not dispose of the water into oceans, rivers or streams. Waste water is to be separated between clay waste and glaze waste and managed appropriately. As a business we review this with our Production House on a regular basis.
  • WASTE - Our Production House/s, our 3PL facilities and our staff must ensure compliance with all legally mandated environmental standards and should continuously seek out opportunities to reduce, reuse, recycle. Our Production House/s must reuse our clay as much as possible. Clay trimmings from 'wheel' are recycled to make 'new' clay, both for casting and for throwing. Recycling scrap from casting must be made a priority within the Production House.  

  • PRODUCTION - We strive to conform to local/national environmental regulatory framework which requires us to minimise our environmental impact, especially in terms of pollution and waste management

As a business we will continue to clearly communicate expectations around our environmental policies and make ongoing improvements to ensure compliance.

For questions on our Environmental Commitment, please email us at hello@marloemarloe.com. 


Our code of conduct outlines the minimum standards of ethical and responsible behaviour which must be met by Marloe Marloe and the manufacturers we choose to work alongside.

1. Employment is freely chose

Marloe Marloe refuses any form of forced or involuntary labour within the production, manufacturer, supply chain or wider business. Employees are not required to make any form of “deposits”, nor are employers allowed to retain employees’ identity documents.  Marloe Marloe and our manufacturers must respect the right of their employees to leave their jobs after reasonable notice and in line with international employment laws.

2. No Discrimination

Marloe Marloe and our factories agree that any hiring, dismissal, allocation of work, wages or promotions - are made without discrimination on the basis of race, colour, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or other similar factors inc pregnancy, political opinion or affiliation, social status, etc.

3. No Child Labour

Marloe Marloe, our manufacturers and suppliers are not allowed to employ minors (defined as children under the age of 16). In cases where local legislation stipulates a higher minimum age, the higher limit shall apply.

4. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

Marloe Marloe and our manufacturers are to respect the decision of any employee to choose whether or not to join a workers’ association or union. Both the facility and the workers shall ensure they conduct themselves in accordance with all relevant laws in this regard.

5. Safe and Healthy working conditions

Marloe Marloe, our manufacturers and suppliers shall provide a safe and healthy workplace to their employees. Good conditions of light, ventilation, hygiene, fire prevention, are essential, as well as up to date safety measures and access to a drinking water supply. Workers shall have access to clean toilets facilities and drinking water. Accommodation, where provided, shall be clean and safe. Marloe Marloe, our manufacturers and suppliers shall implement safe work procedures to minimise workplace injury. 

6. Payment of Living Wage

Marloe Marloe and our manufacturers must ensure that no less than a living wage is provided for all employees. A living wage is, as defined by Global Living Wage Coalition, the remuneration received for a standard work week by a worker in a particular place sufficient to afford a decent standard of living for the worker and her or his family. 

This living wage also includes the payment by Marloe Marloe and our manufacturers of overtime premium, holiday pay, and any other allowances or benefits to ensure the health and welfare of our employees and their families. Marloe Marloe, our manufacturers and suppliers are not allowed to deduct or withhold wages for disciplinary purposes.

7. Reasonable Hours of Work

Marloe Marloe, our manufacturers and suppliers hours of work must comply with the limitations required by their respective countries’ local laws.  Overtime must be voluntary and cannot interfere with the health and safety of the staff member in question. This must also be remunerated at the applicable premium. 

8. Compliance with Local Laws

Marloe Marloe and all suppliers must conduct their business in compliance with all local laws and workplace regulations. This covers all labour and employment laws of those jurisdictions, as well as laws governing the conduct of business in general, including rules and standards of ethics dealing with corruption and transparency, and any relevant environmental laws.

9. No Inhumane Treatment or Bullying

Marloe Marloe, as well as their manufacturers and suppliers, must treat their employees with the utmost dignity and respect. Under no circumstances will physical punishment, sexual or racial harassment, verbal or power abuse or any other form of harassment or intimidation be permitted.

10. Environmental Policy

Marloe Marloe and its suppliers must adhere to practises outlined in the Marloe Marloe Environmental Policy. Standards and requirements of the applicable local and international environmental Laws and Regulations must be respected at all times.  Marloe Marloe, our manufacturers and suppliers must freely communicate this code to all employees.

For any questions or further information on our MARLOE MARLOE Code of Conduct, please email admin@marloemarloe.com.