MARLOE MARLOE takes our responsibilities to the environment & human safety with highest consideration and which to drive positive change in the environmental landscape of our industry, alongside our growing business. We actively work with our production houses to further develop new practises to achieve better sustainability and transparency in our supply chain.

Key Environmental Initiatives;

  • CARBON - We are taking steps to reduce and offset carbon emissions, and have the goal of becoming a carbon neutral company by 2022.

  • WATER - Water usage is kept to a minimum within the hand making process of our MARLOE MARLOE ceramics. Any wastewater is to be appropriately managed (or treated onsite, where possible) by our Production House/s who do not dispose of the water into oceans, rivers or streams. Waste water is to be separated between clay waste and glaze waste and managed appropriately. As a business we review this with our Production House on a regular basis.

  • WASTE - Our Production House/s, our 3PL facilities and our staff must ensure compliance with all legally mandated environmental standards and should continuously seek out opportunities to reduce, reuse, recycle. Our Production House/s must reuse our clay as much as possible. Clay trimmings from 'wheel' are recycled to make 'new' clay, both for casting and for throwing. Recycling scrap from casting must be made a priority within the Production House.  

  • PRODUCTION - We strive to conform to local/national environmental regulatory framework which requires us to minimise our environmental impact, especially in terms of pollution and waste management

As a business we will continue to clearly communicate expectations around our environmental policies and make ongoing improvements to ensure compliance.

For questions on our Environmental Commitment, please email us at