In Conversation With Felicity Of Imbibe

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that was affecting her gut, hair and skin health, Felicity spent months looking for a product that would work to heal. Now, as founder of clean beauty brand, Imbibe, Felicity channels the resilience required to back core-values at the forefront of each product.

We would love to hear about your journey and how you, as founder of Imbibe, came to where you are today?
I was experiencing an autoimmune condition that had severely affected my gut, hair and skin health. I was also in my mid 30s and in that depleted postpartum period my hair was stuck at shoulder length for a few years and stubbornly refused to grow.  Knowing that strong and healthy hair, skin and nails are a direct reflection of inner vitality and optimal nourishment I spent months looking for a pure and bioactive collagen peptide that would help both my gut health, skin health and of course hair quality.  The intention was to create a product that I needed for that stage of my life for my healing, and it worked!
The journey has involved countless hours, weekends and night times of pure sweat to get to where we are now and of course my incredible team.
What has been the largest challenge to overcome throughout this journey? 
To find manufacturing partners who would back my science backed formulations that are also 100% clean and for the most part certified organic - and sustainable with locally sourced and certified organic ingredients. I was turned away by a dozen manufacturers until I had my first yes.  
Obviously like the rest of the planet we have had significant supply challenges over the past two years as we have navigated all the restrictions.
The other big unspoken challenge is managing being a full-time working Mother of three - and also managing a busy career.  This obviously has its challenges - like every other working parent will attest to.
Your products are designed with world class formulations. How many years did it take to perfect this and where does this research take place?
It typically takes us 2 years to bring a product to market.  First I look at clean ingredient technology and innovation that will outperform even the worlds most recognised legacy brands.  Then I look at how clean we can make these ingredients and pairing them with bioactive compounds.  
Then starts the testing phase which we do religiously with a team of volunteers from all walks of life with various skin concerns.
The research takes place right here in the Northern Rivers which I am very happy to say boosts the local economy, helps to guarantee a degree of sustainability since there are low “food miles” and it keeps the work here. 
With core-values at the forefront of the production of your products, can you share more about these values and the positive impact they work towards?
Our cornerstone values for the range are sustainability, clinical results and 100% clean products. These are the three non-negotiables for everything we offer.  If we can't make the product 100% clean ingredients (ie, will do no harm to you or the planet), with clinically backed results, with sustainability at the forefront, we wont bring them to market.
This means that we invest significant amounts of time, energy and money getting each product in line with these values.
What’s the first step / Imbibe product you recommend to those just beginning their health journey? 
Definitely the combination of the Miracle Collagen and Beauty Renewal. These are the first products I brought out and are still our best sellers.  The Beauty renewal is our probiotic for gut health and the Miracle Collagen is our hero’s product with 10 years R&D backing it.
What do you love most about your Marloe Marloe pieces and where can we find these at Imbibe HQ? 
I love the simplicity of the design.  You will find them proudly in our Showroom and Beauty Treatment Room.