A conversation on business, health and conscious rituals with founder of Fluidform Pilates, Kirsten King.

It’s no secret that you have created an incredible community with three studios and a comprehensive at home program. What did your journey look like and how did you come to be living as you are?

It has been a long and exciting ride! I grew up in the Gold Coast, and relocated to Melbourne to begin my career in corporate marketing. I had always been fascinated by the human body, how it moves and the power of movement on our health. When my husband and I moved to the UK, I worked as a Pilates instructor and developed an appreciation for functional, effective movement that made me feel good. My experience grew from teaching professional athletes from around the world. When we came back to Australia, Fluidform was born, opening my first studio in Sydney.

I now live in Sydney with my husband and three beautiful girls. I operate three studios in Australia, with another three new studios set to open this year, alongside our global, online program. Fluidform at Home offers my Fluidform methods to anyone, anywhere in the world. Everybody should have access to effective and enjoyable movement.

Between running your studios, online program, mum of three girls and maintaining your own health and wellness, what does a typical day in your life consist of?

All of those things combined, with everyday being different keep things interesting! Whether I am teaching in the studios, working on Fluidform at Home, filming workouts, traveling to new challenge locations or spending time at home with my family – my own health and wellbeing is always a priority. I move my body 20 minutes a day, every day. I eat well, incorporating lots of balanced, healthy meals the girls can enjoy and always try to get some Vitamin D into my day.

What rituals can we expect to find you starting your morning with?

I start the day with 20 minutes of Fluidform – breathing, stretching and movement. I am usually teaching early, so I will sip on warm water with lemon throughout the morning, an oat milk flat white or a green juice to keep me focused and energised. Hydration and movement are my non-negotiables, every morning.

After a busy day, what rituals can we expect to see as you wind down for the night?

Dinner is something simple and healthy, usually inspired by the Fluidform meal plans and made for everyone in the family to enjoy. Tofu and veggie skewers, raw pad thai and oven-baked fish and salad are staples in our household. Our detox ginger and lemon tea with a few pieces of cacao chocolate bark is the perfect way to unwind. I've been using my Basecamp Gua Sha every night for a few months now, promoting blood circulation and relieving tension around my face and neck. Once a week, I will infrared sauna to release any toxins and tensions in my body. I will always finish the day with a slow evening stretch.

What 3 tips would you share with someone wanting to start their journey to a healthier and happier life?

1. Commit to the process! Whatever you are setting out to do, commit to the journey as nothing comes instantly.
2. Be consistent! Practice regularly, you will improve and grow each time.
3. Listen to your body, and be kind to yourself.

Where can we find your MARLOE MARLOE pieces in your home and how do you incorporate them into your daily rituals?

I use my MARLOE MARLOE incense burner throughout the day, burning different scents for when I'm working, cooking or moving, depending on my mood! My vase lives on my bedside table.

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