Wedding Styling with The Romantics

Creatives at heart, sisters Kate & Olivia make up Gold Coast based wedding stylists - The Romantics. With an elevated style ingrained in each and everything they do, we spoke to the girls about styling a table for a wedding & the 5 most important things to consider.

Introduce yourself, who are you & where are you right now? 

Hello! Our names are Kate and Olivia Morrow, we are wedding planners and stylists based on the Gold Coast, Australia. We are currently working from our lounge room, developing styling concepts for a couple of upcoming weddings - we’ve got our beautiful Marloe Marloe Lully vase styled on our coffee table. 

What are 5 key things to keep in mind when styling a wedding table (or styled table)? 

1. Start the process with a clear vision of how you would like the table to look. Having a vision and a clear concept will make it so much easier to source the right pieces to bring it all together. Scroll through Pinterest and Instagram accounts that resonate with you to find the perfect inspiration. 

2. Set yourself a budget from the beginning to make it easier to find the right pieces that align with it. You don't want to go into the styling being disappointed if there are pieces you come across which you can't afford. It is best to set your intention and what you're willing to spend at the very beginning, and only change your budget if you find pieces that are absolute must-haves. 

3. Remember the styling should come down to what speaks to you, not anyone else. It’s great to draw inspiration from other people, but go with what elements resonate with you the most. Then when it all comes together, it should be exactly how you dreamt it to be, if not better.

4. Consider the heights of different elements on the table, as this will help to create the best aesthetic, and help source the right pieces to go together. Flowers should typically be the tallest element and the part that you really want to shine. Once you consider this, it makes the other parts come together seamlessly. 

5. Less is more - your table doesn’t have to full and over styled, if you have a couple of special pieces as the focus, you can keep the other details simple. 

Favourite pieces from the MARLOE MARLOE collection? And how you would style these in your everyday rituals. 

Kate - I will always adore the Lully vase in Lava & Bone - the OG. I have had this vase styled on my coffee table at home for a long time and each time I come home and walk into my living room, I look at the vase and there is something about it that makes my place feel even more like a home. No matter where I live, I will always take it with me. The style and look of this vase will stand the test of time. 

Liv - I just adore the Lava & Bone Candle holders that we featured in our first styled shoot. The texture and the shape added so much depth to our table, and they’re just so timeless and intriguing to look at. These would also be gorgeous styled on your dining table at home, with tall tapered candles. 

Kate & Liv style the Candle Holder Mixed Pair in Lava & Bone.